Live Stream nº6

As every Wednesday I went live the past 24th of May for an hour to help the film community with any doubts or questions they may have. But my usual channel is Youtube live and now I have been flagged for some mistake (I hope). If you want more info on the "flag" I made a video on it. 

So now Im forced to use other mediums to maintain the chats with you guys every week. As you might have seen on the video above I will be going live at the same time but on my Instagram (@nicolasllasera). Then I record the stream on a camera (actually two) and edit to post properly on Youtube. Its a pain for me and for you but its the only way to keep going, at least until the lift the ban for live videos (90 days). 

So here is the video from last Wednesday. Sorry if its a little messy but it was hard coordinating so many cameras, screens, mics and so on. 

If you want to join the stream and can't connect you can leave any questions here or on my social media accounts and I will address them live.