Nico's Photography Blog

I´ve never been much of a writer or a video kind of guy, but slowly I have realized one has to try to improve at the things they are "scared" at. And I mean scared as worried about failing. 

A few years ago I almost lost my job and that made me start my Youtube channel Nico´s Photography Show. Ever since that horrible first video I have felt more confident and proud than ever before. Video so you can understand how bad my start was. 

After reaching out and seeing that much had to be improved I got to work and kept uploading as much as I could. One always starts with a specific idea on what they want for their projects but things always shift. Mine shift was going from the "reviews all film youtubers do" to finding information I would love to see myself. And have been producing news, interviews and other future content I yet have to see online. 

So because of my constant changes and need to reach out to more people in different manners Im starting this blog. Its just another tool for me to keep creating content. This, the youtube channel, film and beer and other things I manage will merge here. Not that I will stop the other channels but grow a solid core to which I can send viewers, readers or supporters. 

Hope we can all enjoy our common passion which is film photography and all it contains.